Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sanitation Station

Say what you will about hand sanitizer. (Yes, I'm looking at you, hippies, and all the stats about how it makes you less immune to germs and all that junk.) When your baby is born during the H1N1 flu pandemic, and your husband was born to a mother that wouldn't allow them to touch "anything" in public restrooms (and also shared that when she was growing up her mom would stand them on the toilet seat to pee in public restrooms so that no part of them touched the nasty parts), then hand sanitizer is a must. At least for the first two weeks...we've gradually slacked off since then.

I was a little surprised that most everyone was okay with the over-cleanliness required to hold our new baby boy (maybe I'm dirtier than I think?) Especially the fact that my stubborn dad seemed to take it in stride. However, there was one family member (and I love him dearly and he knows it so I hope he doesn't get offended) who had a raised eyebrow and actually talked back to my husband! Now, my brother in law is very laid back and easygoing, and totally oblivious to what anyone thinks of him. He goes with the flow and assumes that people like him, and to his credit I don't know anyone that doesn't like him, but he was skeptical about the cleanliness test. "Do I really need that? I just washed my hands," he said as he eyed the hand sanitizer in my husband's hands, ready to pump. "He's only about a week old, so yes," my husband replied. "Well, dude, this is going to be the cleanest baby in the world." I almost died internally. It amazes me that these two guys are so different yet get along so well. Mostly because their wives are total opposites and like to be at each others' throats. (We have an excuse...we're sisters.)

The nice thing about the story is that this is one thing that my husband and sister (who are usually waiting to see who will pick the next fight when they're around each other) are on the same side in this one. For one of the only times I can remember in the eight or so years these boys have been in our lives, I saw my sister defend my husband when she said, "sweetie, he's a really little baby and he can't even fight a cold yet, so it's not unreasonable." At that moment, I really was like a proud mama bear watching her cubs help each other out. Not to mention relieved that I didn't have to mediate another fight between them.

Ain't family grand?

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