Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I'm *that* Mom, Whatever.

Today is Picture Day at daycare. I mean, I remember a time when daycares didn't have picture days, because that was a special right and priveledge held for our school age children (plus, what parent doesn't take a bagillion pics of their little one from birth until 5 years anyway, right?) Apparently, the school photo people were not raking in the dough and decided to start doing the preschools about ten years ago.

Currently, we are more preoccupied with Jacob's diet and why he seems to have no interest in breastmilk, formula, purees, or table food beyond a little at the time (that's another post entirely) so I forgot about that sticker on our progress sheet a week ago that shouted in flourescent highliter yellow "WEDNESDAY THE @*TH IS PICTURE DAY!"

Half asleep still and in a funk over J's refusal to eat breakfast this morning, I arrive at daycare wondering why all these kids are suddenly dressed to the nines. Then I go to put his carseat in the storage closet and see, hanging on one of the little girl's cubbie, no less than a pristine white communion-looking gown. I look back down at Jacob in his cute little cotton striped Osh Kosh onesie and brown flannel pants that we think are clean and think, "yes, I'm that mom".

You know, the one that doesn't remember to dress her son up on picture day so that his yearbook picture shows him sulking with unkempt hair while all the other kids are shiny-clean in their polos and khakis. Okay, maybe I'm being a bit melodramatic about it, but seriously, there were 3 year olds in khakis and polos.

Maybe I'm a picture day hater in general? I mean, I hate to think that the teachers spend all day terrified to take their kids outside in fear that one will get dirty and the parent will be pissed about it. Or god forbid they serve grape juice that day, right? But still, don't you think it's a little overkill to dress your kid up in their Sunday best for school pictures? I honestly got better shots with my digital camera when we were all dressed up for Easter. Hell, Picture People takes much better pictures than the school photographer in my opinion, and I still don't even consider those "professional" pictures. Am I a picture snob? Or a mom who sucks?

(I know I don't suck. I just mean, do I have a kind of sucky attitude about this whole deal?)

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  1. LOL. I sent my seven year old child to school on picture day with funky hair, a mismatched outfit and probably unbrushed teeth. It was a bad morning...we did not get the pics.

    It happens. I am *that* parent too.