Friday, April 23, 2010

Major Mom Fail

I'ma pretty laid back mom about most things, and choose to try not to beat myself up over things that I don't get perfect every time. In fact, one of the first times I held my son and rocked him to sleep in the nursery, I whispered in his ear all about how I knew I could never be perfect, but that God had decided that I was good enough for him so I would always try my best.

Fast forward to yesterday morning, 7:40AM. Mommy has a job interview across town at 8:45, couldn't find Sophie for little guy to chew on, on the 8 minute ride to daycare, so she spots the Nuby sippy cup on the drying rack, puts a couple of ounces of water in it, and hands it over. He never really drinks from it anyway (my super advanced almost-8-month-old would rather use a straw or drink from a straight cup) and I figured he would just chew on the soft spout.

Well, I get to the stoplight a few miles down the road with success, stop, and then all of a sudden hear a gagging, coughing, spewing, sputtering, very wet sound. And immediately smell sour milk. In my car, I turn to look and kind of peek over the edge of the seat (my guy is a peanut so we're still in the infant seat) and see watery milk EVERYWHERE in the backseat. And he's still coughing and sputtering. I make sure he's not choking before driving the rest of the way to daycare. I walk around the side of the car and see Jacob literally wearing a milk-eating-grin, holding the sippy, water dripping down his chin. I laugh aloud in the parking lot before carrying him inside. Where of course I go to change his clothes and realize that all I've left in his cubby is a pair of size 3 month fleece pants. Double fail! At home, I'd feel free to let him go naked, he's happier like that anyway, but I didn't want those little girls crawling all over my naked boy! So I have to borrow the daycare's extra clothes after I give my kid a "whore's bath" in the sink next to the changing table.

What a morning. And it's my own fault. Honestly, I thought I could give an 8-month old a sippy cup unsupervised?! .::head, meet palm::.

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