Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Because I'm Married to a Miracle

There are 598,376 reasons the March of Dimes is near and dear to my heart, some more personal than others. Some I can share, some I cannot. Did you know that my husband was born at only 32 weeks gestation way on back in 1976? He's a miracle. Back then, that was unheard of. Nowadays, he's nice and broad, but back then he was, as his family likes to say, "the size of a skinned squirrel".

Thanks to the March of Dimes, nowadays we have stories like
this one of Penny and Isaak, who were born around 25 weeks. I have followed their parents' wonderful blog since before they were born, but that will be a story for another day of Christmas. This is them a few days after birth:

Pennyand here is Isaak

And thanks to the miracles of medicine, funded by the March of Dimes among others, here are P&I now at nearly 7 months:
There's really not much I can add to that adorable picture other than, if you want to see more of these miracles, PLEASE go donate. Or consider signing up for a March for Babies near you. Even at my maximum current state of laziness, I can say I have done a March for Babies, and it was so worthwhile. (Plus I got a hot dog afterwards, but really, let's go back to the babies and ooh and aah some more!)

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  1. Yay MoD. I just spent all day yesterday with Jose and Sophia, twins born at 26 weeks. It's been a long road but the March of Dimes were with their wonderful parents the whole time. Thanks for highlighting such a great org.