Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Working Mom Wednesday: I Resolve...

Finally, now that I'm back on my blogging wagon, I can link up with my girls at Working Mom Wednesday for my favorite blog prompts.

Of course today, we're discussing New Year's Resolutions. I'm of the belief that you shouldn't need a New Year to make a fresh start, but it's definitely easier for people to spend this week reflecting on what they did last year and what they would like to be different.

Mine is simple. I just want to be BETTER.

While I have surprised myself by discovering that I am a pretty dang good mama, I could always be more patient, more willing, more compassionate to my little guy. So I want to be a better mom.

I know I could be a much, much better wife this year.

I have mastered one part of my new job, but this year I'd like to master the other half as well so that by the time next year's resolutions roll around, I'm looking at the possibility of a promotion (again).

And of course, I want to be a better woman of faith. I feel that 2010 brought me a much better understanding of how much God has provided me with, and in the coming year I really need to honour that by being a living example for Him.


  1. I am amazed at all the other moms on here who want to grow closer to God! It would be so wonderful if we were all close together and able to encourage one another with our walk locally! Good luck with the job and moving to the next level!!!

  2. I linked your blog in the post I put up today! I like your comment about making that our theme!!! :) Happy New Year!!! Can't wait to follow your blog in 2011!!