Sunday, January 31, 2010

So, not to get all political, but...

For those that are getting to know me, I am a proud Libertarian. The motto I try to most adhere to in my own political leanings is pretty much "give everyone the freedom to take care of themselves". I think that most Federal government initiatives are a complete waste of taxpayer money and resources, and that more rights should be left to the states. During the last "big" election, I found it abhorrent that so many people were much more interested in the Presidential election than their Senatorial and Gubernatorial races.

But I digress. The real reason I'm discussing my politics is for one thing: food. I like it. I like to cook it. I like to read about it. I especially like to enjoy it. Three things that will almost always be in my refrigerator are butter, milk, and heavy cream. How else would I be able to make steak au poivre or a luscious chocolate souflee topped with whipped cream? Valentine's Day is coming up, and dear hubby and I will more than likely be spending it at home, making a nice meal after our little one goes to bed. I need butter!

I used to laugh every time I saw that "can't believe it's not butter" commercial where they point out that Sweden or somewhere is the only place in the world so far to ban trans fat. Except some US States have also done that, or are trying to. The fact that there are people out there that want to live in a place that tells them what they can and cannot eat astounds me. What's next? No red meat, because it clogs the arteries? Although I guess if they ban red meat there is no longer any reason to drink red wine, so wine could be out, too.

Now, I am an avid fan of wine and beer, but let me play devil's advocate. Do you seriously think that obese Americans are putting more of a burden on other Americans than drunk drivers? Yet we continue to allow people to drink, despite the various other health problems it causes. I am a working mom with a little blog for my own enjoyment. I am not going to go google-crazy trying to find statistics to back up my argument. I am simply pointing out my own common sense view that if I want to eat chocolate and butter and whipped cream, I am going to do it anyway. Like most drugs, I would just do it behind my government's back, and they would still be paying my higher health costs eventually. By the way, at this point in time what I eat has little effect on most people since I do pay for my own health insurance. Maybe it affects a few other people that work for my company since we share health insurance costs, but I'm sure some of them smoke. Some are alcoholics. Some are just old and have many more health problems than I do. In fact, the fact that I have a 5 month old probably has more bearing on my co-workers insurance burden than the fact that I am overweight. The kid has been to the doctor more times in the last 5 months than I had been in 5 years until I got knocked up.

So, thanks-but-no-thanks to our government trying to ban trans fats, or any other food product for that matter. I'm Southern. I eat Spam. I'm sure there's something in Spam that I can't pronounce that could do just as much damage as any trans-fat. Does that mean we shouldn't be allowed to eat it? should just be our choice whether or not we want to put that crap in our bodies.

If you think I'm wrong, I dare you to come over to my house, indulge in my chocolate-on-chocolate made from scratch cake, and argue your point. What's sinful is not that cake. It's taking away my right to bake it.

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  1. mmmmm... cake....

    But seriously, I'm a big fan of "who am I to tell you what you can/cannot do"? And vice versa. Food included. I think the same thing about cars. My sister (who does not have a drivers license) thiks that I (and by I, she means the whole f-ing country) should not be allowed to buy an SUV since a Honda Hybrid gets better gas mileage. I scoff at such a notion. Do we as auto drivers need to be more enviro-minded? Certainly. Does that mean certain vehicles should be banned? No.

    So I guess just replace "car" with "food" and "gas" for "fat" and I've totally agreed with you. Sorry for the tangent. :)