Monday, February 15, 2010

Blog giveaway winner!

I am very excited to announce that loyalty has been rewarded. Although I absolutely did not "rig" the drawing, one of my longtime readers actually won the Sprout. Mrs. B, I am happy to report that you won my very scientific and modern drawing. Basically, I went old-school: I wrote everyone's name on a piece of paper, folded them all up, mixed them into a pile and sat Jacob down in front of it. The first piece he was able to successfully grasp and separate was the winner! Email me at with your address and the fancy-pants food will be on it's way this week.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, that is also my spammable email. So if Anonymous wants to be a man and send me some more specific hate mail, I would be happy to read it and address her concerns with my blog content. (Your maturity really showed with that one.)


  1. OMG! I've never won anything! I cannot wait to see that fancy pants food IRL! You should be getting an email in 5, 4, 3,...

  2. Just so you know, IF I ever have a comment for your blog, this is what it will look like.

  3. Im sorry I missed out. I couldn't think of a single thing to offer, food wise. Maybe next time!