Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The smallest blog giveaway. Ever. Forever-ever.

I like food. All of it, pretty much. I hope one day that Jacob will, too, but for now he's pretty much just a boob man. Any attempt at solids, however meager they may be (and they are pretty meager indeed at this point, since we have what I like to call a "non-crunchy baby-led philosophy" to child rearing at this stage of his life) end up looking like this:
However, I am also a narcissist. I like my blog. I like to imagine millions and millions of people reading it, nodding their heads, laughing, sometimes crying, and very occasionally disagreeing. (Really, that's a very lofty goal. I would be happy if tens and tens of people read it. Like, 20.)
And I hear that the best way to drive traffic to my little old blog is a giveaway.

Except I'm poor. And I have solid food and a baby that won't eat them. Really great solid food. I am making most of the purees and first meals that Jacob will eat, but in terms of something I can keep in his diaper bag for emergencies, I am pretty lazy, and I'm 90% sure that a tupperware container of homemade sweet potato puree will not last for weeks at a time unrefrigerated and carted all across the NC piedmont. And I'm not above Gerber and Beech-nut and all of that, especially for prunes, because mama is not rehydrating, and then straining, dried prunes and sometimes babies need to get things movin. But there is something out there that speaks so deep into my gourmet little heart, and that would be this:
Part owned by Tyler Florence himself. Oh, and that brings me to the other reason for self-bought blog giveaways: maybe the good chef (or more likely, someone who works for PR at Sprout) will be bored one day and do some googling and find this post. And then, maybe since I have endorsed their product (me, with my 15 followers and counting) they will look kindly upon me and send me a case of their stuff. Just sayin'.

So, if you're interested, become a follower of my blog, and leave a comment with a random food observation. Like this one: why would a bag of "cranberry and pecan salad finishin" have to have a disclaimer that it contains nuts?

**Lest you scoff at my first miserable attempt at a blog giveaway, may I remind you that I spent $1.79 on this, people. Plus tax. Plus whatever shipping costs will be associated to beam it to the winner's diaper bag. It may not be much, but free food is free food. And when you're stuck at the mall on a Friday at 6:30 and you really, really want to eat out but baby needs to eat, and you suddenly realize "oh, yeah, I have that Sprout in my bag...we can hit up the Cheesecake Factory after all" then know two things: that you are lucky because I cannot currently afford to eat at the Cheesecake Factory. And second, that in a way, I made this dinner out possible.**


  1. Oh, the details: I will randomly pick a comment to win, and you have until Friday at midnight to enter. I will announce the winner Monday and get address details.

  2. One hundred calorie packs aren't only 100 calories anymore when you eat the entire box. I know this from personal experience.

  3. Oh, I am so interested! I've never even heard of your fancy - pants food. How lame am I? And, I need more details on this baby led food stuff. This is the second time in two weeks someone has mentioned it! http://babymakesfour-tsands.blogspot.com/

    And, for my fun food fact - did you know that elephants really, really like Jelly Beans? Which I believe also makes them natural and healthy for humans. Just sayin'.

  4. i'll bite- i was actually just looking @ Sprout the other day...

    1. following
    2. have you ever noticed that Cheerios smell like pee? or is it vice versa? either way- i still love them

  5. You are hysterical. I was dying laughing :).

    Solid foods make my baby scream incessantly (and that is my random comment about food) but hopefully someday, when he is about 3, we will be able to use this stuff for a night out to the Cheesecake Factory (which we also cannot afford because I have an undying love of babyGap clothes).

  6. I love buffalo wings although they arent really buffalo

  7. I'm a follower! Ummm Spaghettios taste best cold from the can :p

  8. I followed you :)

    When I eat golden crisp or honey smacks my urine smells just like it...

  9. I don't want to enter your contest but your post was hilarious!

  10. Why doesn't the list of ingredients on prunes say plums?

  11. I love that companies now break down the break down. EX: Enriched Bleached Flour (Wheat flour, niacin, reduced iron, thiamine mononitrate (Vitamin B1), Riboflavin (vitamin B2), and folic acid).
    I'm waiting for the day the ingredient's list takes over the entire side panel.