Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Of going out as a 30-something.

First of all, I want to point out that I am A-OK with my age, yet when I was younger and the above mentioned TV program came on regularly, "30-something" was a phrase that stuck in my mind as meaning ancient. The only time I have really felt old recently was when I started this blog and also started reading other blogs regularly. There is a group that calls themselves "20-something bloggers" and at first I thought that meant there were 20-something of them. I swiftly realized my mistake, and for a brief second was excited until I realized that I would never be eligible to join them.

On to my real story: Friday night my husband and I had our first overnight, meaning little guy stayed with a grandparent while we went out for a night on the town. We went to dinner and a comedy show for a good friend's birthday, and since it has been a while since a 10:15 comedy show, or even staying out later than 9PM has been a possibility, there was a feeling of not wanting the night to end. (There was also beer involved, along with the promise of more beer.) So after the show ended, we visited one of our favorite young and hip bars that we frequented a few years ago (when we were 20-something). That experience was so enjoyable that somehow we found ourselves at IHOP at 2AM. And since I knew I would never remember some of my observations, I wrote them down to share with you.

My original intent was to weave them all into nice colorful prose, stringing them into some semblance of coherent thought. But it was 2AM and I was about 62 oz. into some fairly strong microbrew. Saying that I remember these thoughts would be the overstatement of the decade. So instead I will list them, bullet-style, for your entertainment.

-young people say "shit" a lot
-the fact that I just called them "young people" really ages me
-at least we're not at Waffle House where I would have to remember if I liked them "scattered, covered, smothered, or hashed"
-we are getting better service than the table of college kids next to us b/c the waiter knows we're going to tip more
- they're not listening unless we say "pot" or "sex" (this, after I apparently said the previous statement about tipping aloud and my husband told me to tone it down)

And my biggest gem, while I was in the bathroom:
-I feel so much more grown up and confident than I did in my twenties, at least until I realize that I'm tucking my camisole into my granny panties.


  1. OMG you are hilarious! I must say I feel like I'm effing 80 when I go to clubs downtown...too old my friend, too old!