Friday, October 22, 2010

Free Association...

I'm still trying to find a consistent blog hop, but it always seems like there are different days each week I can take a time-out and participate, so it's hard to commit.

However, I love the free association prompt at Fill In The Blank Friday!

So, here goes...if you are new to my blog, welcome! You will soon learn that I'm kind of nuts, hopefully more than a little funny, true to myself, and purposefully use lots of incorrectly placed commas.**

I am...unique. And very picky about food. It would be nearly impossible for even my husband to consistently pick what I will order. Just when you think Eggplant Parmesan is my favorite Italian dish BAM! There I go ordering Gnocchi and sausage in vodka sauce.

I wish...that losing weight was a snap. I am trying, but again, it's hard to deny my cravings. Baby steps will work eventually, right? Please don't tell me I have to start sprinting, literally and figuratively.

I I am so, so lucky to have the best parents, in-laws, sister, right down to my cousins. Most Saturdays I would much rather spend at a 5 year old's birthday party with my family than out at a trendy restaurant. I also like Indian food.

I a stick shift like a madwoman. Our next car will not be a 5-speed, so I'm trying to get all the Zoom Zoom love in while I can.

I hope...that November 2 will be a wake up call for America that no matter what side of the fence we're on, it is TIME to start working together. (I also hope that a Libertarian candidate in any major race in NC will get at least 12% of the vote so we can lock our party into the ballot, debates, etc. It is time that our philosophy starts being recognized.)

I think...that I should start reading more nonfiction and less US Weekly.

I was...planning to never get married or have children, true story. Then I met my husband. Ten years later, I cannot imagine life any other way.

That was FUN! Here's to hoping I will make this a regular feature.

**After re-reading my post, I should probably point out that I talk about food. A lot.


  1. I AM new to your blog and I love it! x

  2. lol thats so funny. I love talking about food also! Its one of lifes many pleasures:)

  3. I know I really like this hop...and there are different questions every week. Plus so far all the blogs I've seen on it have been pretty cool. I hate hops that are big, but just a lot of links to blogs promoting all of their giveaways and products, no real substance.
    And I also wish that losing weight was a snap!

  4. Thanks!!! I will circle back and catch the FITB posts I missed during naptime tomorrow!

  5. I love Lauren's fill in the blank friday, it just brings so many people together!

  6. New to your blog and I think its great fun! I love FITB Friday, and reading others FITB, because there are so many different takes - and so many I say "Me too". Esp anything regarding weight loss or food. Nom nom nom....

  7. I love food too, I just wish I could eat all I wanted and be skinny......too bad I'm not :o(

    This was a great way to get to know you better :o)

    Have a great weekend!!!

  8. I'm with you on the losing weight struggle. It sucks. However, with persistence, we can do it!!