Wednesday, October 20, 2010

WMW: I'm Copping Out...

Prompt Numero Uno: You know you're stressed when...

So, I always try to be true and honest in every post I make, especially when following the prompts of Working Mommy Wednesday, because I really appreciate those girls and everything they have to say. We are a community going through many of the same things.

However, all week I've been thinking about how to mold my Blog Giveaway (LAST DAY!) and trying to get some good Ebates referral money** into the working mommy wednesday topic. I know it's a total plug, and I know it's slightly tacky that I would promote my stuff for my own good on my blog, but hey, you know what stresses me out?


And you know where I turn when I get stressed out? Retail Therapy. It's a vicious cycle, for sure. I NEED new shoes, and I don't mean that in a Carrie Bradshaw way, I literally mean I need shoes because more than a year later, I cannot fit in my smart work shoes from pre-Jacob days. I need brown dress shoes, black dress shoes, and black comfortable but still office appropriate loafers. And because I have huge, super wide monster feet and I stand up and walk a lot at work, I have to buy pretty pricey shoes, and I have to buy them online.

So when Naturalizer or is having a 20% off code, I tend to go hawg-wild, y'all. I have to order a lot of pairs of shoes until I eventually find one or two I can stand to wear for longer than 98 minutes. That ain't easy. Currently, I have 3 shiny shoe boxes in my office drawer, and a shopping cart loaded with 6 more pairs. It is almost worse than bathing suit or bra shopping.

Except that I only have to look at my feet.

And shoes are fun.

**So, if you haven't been introduced to ebates yet, allow me to make the introduction. I earned back about $75 off what I spent on Christmas gifts last year, and my shoe purchases alone net me about $40 a year. Seriously, all you do is sign up, shop through their link (often finding awesomely good coupon codes along the way) and every quarter you get a check in the mail. No scam, ladies.


  1. appreciate your honesty!!! i would love to try ebates, but i don't shop online a lot. maybe i would if i found some good sales!!!

    and if i sign up, it'll be thru you!!!

    and i'm always stressed about money

  2. Great post I too no longer fit in my shoes after having my little girl! When I was pregnant I just knew those shoes would fit me again someday...haha...although I haven't given up I have to have shoes to wear to work NOW so therefore I am looking for the perfect comfortable shoes....and who doesn't love retail therapy??

  3. Well, that just makes sense, now doesn't it?? I think I like that E-bates bit. I really like how you went "hawg wild" over your shoes with it. Can you buy Chick-O-Sticks with your E-bates?

  4. I totally just signed up for e-bates. :)

  5. I'm sure I could find Chick-O-Sticks if I dug hard enough through ebates. The first place I'd try is Love, Love, Love...