Saturday, October 2, 2010

I'm Not Who I Claim to Be...

A rare Saturday confession...

I've been struggling a lot lately, with the fact that I am struggling. It seems counterproductive to being a good mom/wife/person/Christian that I have the luxury of being the first person awake in my house on a Saturday at 8:45AM yet I can complain that I am always busy and have too much going on to breathe. I have it SO EASY compared to my mother, who had me just before she finished nursing school and had to take care of the house, the baby, and find time to study. Or so many others out there who have gone through a separation with their baby's father and have to do it all on their own. Or the parents whose children have had to endure medical issues, multiple doctor visits, surgeries, and complicated feeding schedules.

And now I must confess: I am lazy. I have motivation issues. I am obese. I don't take care of myself or eat right (damn Starbucks for re-introducing that Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate this fall...). And I desperately want to change that. Finally, I feel that I am making a commitment I can follow through on.

The time is right: October is my absolute favorite month, and this October began for me with a 3-day weekend and the most beautiful fall weather you could imagine. I joined a work-sponsored wellness program that starts at work on Monday. I am starting a new home-party business with Scentsy (more on that in a couple of weeks with a giveaway) that motivated me to get my house company ready since I've invited oh, about 50 people over in 2 weeks. And this new drive has caused a sort of pay-it-forward morning for me.

I got up and began preparing breakfast for my family, when usually I lie in bed until the last possible second on Saturday and then bring Jacob in to nurse while hubby goes downstairs to cook. After breakfast, we had wonderful family time playing for an hour or so and then we let Jacob play on his own while we started dusting and cleaning the clutter out of our living room. I think starting to clean before he was down for his nap really drove me to do more. I usually wait until he's asleep, get on the web for a while, sip my coffee and watch College Gameday, and then clean for a half hour or so.

Now, I have clean baseboards, doors, the top of the fridge, a dusted, vacuumed, and mopped kitchen and living room, and significantly reduced clutter. My nearly 3 hours of work possibly burned my sensible breakfast's calories, and my ensuing cool shower was better for my hair, skin, electric bill, and possibly even environment than my usual 15 minute hot ones.

I'm using the rest of my "me" time effectively by sending out e-vites for my Open House and getting ready for a family gathering.

And my underwear even matches my shirt.

Who is ready for a whole new me?


  1. I love Scentsy!! My sister in law is a Scentsy Rep and we do party's together sometimes!
    Sounds like you have a good start to things, hope it all goes well!

  2. :) Great post! I really admire your drive - it's not easy to be working and being a mom and a wife and all the other roles/identities in between. Whatever you do, just know you are absolutely fabulous in every way - and that no one person is the standard of all those identities - we all do it a little different, and survive somehow.

  3. This is a really great post! Sounds like you are on the road to a more motivated you. Can the more motivated you motivate me? You don't even want to see my house right now!

    Good for you though, for real. It's hard to be everything to everyone and do it right. Impossible even. We just have to try our best!

  4. Good for you for starting the wellness program. I can't wait to hear about your progress!

    I've probably had 5 salted caramel hot chocolates already...and subsequently gained 5 lbs.

  5. Laura: I get them iced...yum. I resisted today and got plain coffee and an egg mcmuffin from McD's. Still fast food for me, but a better choice. Tomorrow I swear I'll have mini-wheats for b'fast!