Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday, Scmack Friday...

Have I mentioned how much I love linking up to Fill In The Blanks Friday over at the little things we do? Every week is a different theme with 7 prompts. I like when blog posts write themselves. I can spend 15 minutes blogging, head over to Target to see if I can manage to score a Tag book and dress shoes for the little cousin I drew for Christmas, and be back to work in an hour.

So here goes: the other favorite American holiday in November.

1. Black Friday is Never going to go away. It will just get earlier and earlier each year. I actually am boycotting stores that chose to open on Thanksgiving Day. Some think that's dumb, but hey. I am activating my rights as a consumer.

2. Christmas shopping this year will include Lots of groceries, since most of the gifts for the adults in our life will be homemade this year.

3. Holiday shopping makes me Happy at first, but eventually the day turns grumpy as I try to maintain a lighthearted, Christian composure amid the stolen parking spaces, long lines, and people grabbing the last size 5 Robeez just as my hand reaches out.

4. This year my Christmas list will include Well, I have told our families that our budget is very tight and to not go overboard, but I always put "spa services" on mine b/c we really can't afford them, but I really enjoy a massage and if someone wants to provide that for me, I will never decline! Also, anything that lets my husband and I enjoy each other: restaurant and entertainment gift cards, offers to babysit, etc. are on there. And an insulated travel coffee mug. I need to break the Starbucks addiction for good.

5. Bargain hunter, or full price shopper? Definitely a bargain hunter. I literally refused to buy cold medicine when I was sick and working last week because I didn't have my coupons with me.

6. The best and worst things about shopping is I love shopping, but the worst is spending money on a credit card and knowing that means we probably shouldn't be buying something. This year, we are breaking that cycle and only shopping with money we already have.

7. Online shopper or in-person shopper? Both. I enjoy a trip to the mall now and then (and Target weekly) but I also love being able to browse and compare prices without having to drive around town. And if I get free shipping and often don't pay sales taxes, what is to stop me?

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  1. I tried to avoid going out on Black Friday, but with the Thanksgivingness going on, we forgot to get diapers!
    Thanks for the blog list mention!

  2. I was travelling on Black Friday - so I managed to miss it this year - YEAH!!! Saturday was really great where I was visiting this year!

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  3. New follower! Love your blog, stumbled here from Picket fence blogs! Can't wait to read more!


  4. i am anti-black friday....mostly because i can't stand the droves of people bumping me around all day