Friday, November 5, 2010

I'm Doubling Down...

Am I crazy or just insane? I am attempting to accomplish a feat in one post that has NEVER BEEN ATTEMPTED successfully in blogdom before. Okay, maybe that is a wee bit of an exaggeration, because I see people link to two blog hops at once All the Fa-reaking Time. But I've never tried it.

Also, this is my first week attempting Word Up, Yo, despite me feverishly stalking everyone's posts for over a month now. If you'd like to attempt the fun that is Word Up, Yo, then link up fast: today is the last day for Vegas Week, Babay.

As you can see, I am also linking up to my new favorite Friday blog hop, Fill in the Blank Friday over at the little things we do. So, let me roll up my sleeves and get ready to roll the dice.

1) My last haircut was... not so long ago, actu
ally. About 6 weeks. I'm usually an every 6-monther, so this is a good thing. I changed office locations in May and I am 2.5 miles from the local mall and a decent Mitchell's. Lunch time pampering? Jackpot, baby!

2) My most daring hair moment was... wh
en I took a gamble in my early twenties and let a new stylist cut off about 6 inches and dye me red. I mean, deep maroon luscious red. It was chin-length, wavy, layered, and RED. But if you can't take a hair gamble in your early twenties, when can you?

3) A hairstyle I'd never be brave enough to try is... t
he exotic, trendy, Bettie Page/Katy Perry long black bob with fringe bangs. With my pale skin and freckles, I would probably look like a pit boss' weird, nerdy assistant. The one that had to clean up know.

4) I've always dreamt of being a (blonde, brunette,
redhead, etc.)... deep chestnut brunette. As someone who has ranged from towheaded kid to dishwater blonde to mousy light brown to trendy caramel, I would be willing to play roulette with a box of Nice 'N Easy in a sultry, rich brown shade.

5) My go-to hair is... a bun. Ugh, I know. I don't like hair in my face, I don't like wet hair hanging down, I don't like oily hair on Day 2 even though I know it's helping it be healthy. So, 5 days out of 7, the "bun" that my husband hates so much ends up being winner, winner, chicken dinner.

6) My biggest hair disaster was... in the third grade. "Hold On" was banking big ka-ching! for Wilson Phillips and my mom was convinced that I was a doll-size version of Chyna herself. She managed to talk me into what should have been a pixie cut. I did not rock that look. I looked like Peter Pan, and I don't mean like a girl playing Peter Pan in a musical.

7) A hairstyle I am dying to try is... hmmm
. I really am not sure. I'm pretty open to trying most anything, but I'm old enough now to know what I can and can't work with this mop. I would love long layers like Blake Lively, but stylists have let me know in the past it probably won't work with my hair type. And I'm okay with that.

8) My best hair day was... my wedding day. I wish I could show pictures, but I can't while working. It was long, blonde, and glorious, slightly curled with the top half pulled back elegantly. It took longer to remove all the bobby pins than to um, consummate the marriage that evening.

9) The worst hairstyle I've ever had was... see number 6!

10) My hair is... THICK. I mean, I probably have twice as much hair as most other women. I doubt I will ever have to worry about thinning hair, as I could lose half of it and still have a pretty decent head of locks. At my old salon, when an assistant got to blow dry me, she was like "Jackpot!" Because she knew she was going to get an arm workout and a pretty decent tip.

If you enjoyed my Vegas-themed hair ramblings today, you can thank the Nerd Mafia of Word Up, Yo as well as Laura at the little things we do. I owe all of my inspiration to them. You could also vote for me on Picket Fences, it's not asking much, just a little clicky on the linky. I would so love to move up from my current ranking of number 66. At least I'm the top 100, right? Have a great weekend, and check out the other posts...I LOVE reading both of these hops.


  1. i am laughing soooo hard at your doll sized version answer


  2. Monica, my mom is one of those that usually can pull a dress I would NEVER try out of a rack and I would try it and it would be perfect. She kept at me with the Chyna Phillips thing for a year...sooooo wrong about that one!

  3. I feel you on the thick hair. When I get it done at the salon I always try to make my blow out last as long as possible. I hate drying it myself! This Word up yo business is intriguing me. I think I'll hold off until after jack's party though. When I have time to think about something more than cupcakes and party favors!!

  4. Word Up, Yo! Is the best. For real.

  5. I, forever, had all my hair pulled up into a bun, but then I forced myself to chop off 9 inches. It was a great feeling!

    Thanks so much for joining in WUY! I hope to see you again next week!

  6. Your hair is beautiful just like it is in your picture! Your post was cracking me up! I need to put more thought into my hair. I need to go buy that Clairol box you were talking about... Thanks for the reminder, girlfriend!

    BTW, your comment over at Scary Mommy was THE NICEST EVER!!! It made my whole STANKIN' day! You would marry me? In the most un-lesbian way possible...I know, I know. It truly was so nice to see your face over there and to read such an encouraging message from you. Youda bomb! Seriously, I'm looking you up the next time I'm in North Carolina! :)

  7. Kelley, same goes if I'm ever in Texas!

    Thanks for the kind thoughts, ladies.

  8. Apparently I was signed in as my husband...oops. Hopefully your husband won't think you're having an internet romance and threaten to leave you Kelley...sheesh!

  9. GREAT job on the WOW...I think that meme has single handedly kept me blogging many a week. The hair thing is really interesting too -- Lord knows I've had 4 million hairstyles in my day. Unfortunately, right now I'm getting some gray hairs *gulp* so I'm gonna get to coloring as soon as this baby pops out of my belly. Great to have found your blog!

  10. Thanks for the sweet blog comment. I love Katie Perry's hair with the bangs too!