Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksful Every Day

One of the things I struggle most with is feeling like I deserve it.

It doesn't matter what "it" is...just any extra little blessing that falls my way, I feel that I almost don't deserve it, with my snarkiness, profanity, selfishness, and complaining. But I know that someone up there thinks I am deserving, and is rewarding me.

Joining up with Working Mommy Wednesday today, I am beyond thankful for the last year.

For the people I have reached out to that have reciprocated in developing these wonderful internet communities where I don't have to feel like "the only one".

For the new things my beautiful, witty, silly child learns every day. He can tell the dog "OK" now when it's time for her to eat. He freely gives hugs and kisses and cries when he leaves his grandparents and shares his lovie with his friends at daycare. I cannot even explain how many ways I am thankful for that little 15 month old wonder. He fills our lives with laughter. Every day.

For my family, mom, dad, sister, a various group of in-laws that have never been anything but loving and supportive and make me know I am a part of their families. For my aunts and uncles and cousins that are more than just "see you at the 3 major holidays each year" kind of family.

For being employed, having health insurance, a house to live in, and two cars that work. (knock on wood).

For living in NC, a beautiful state where I can wear cropped pants and keep my windows open even in November.

For Dave Ramsey and his program to help us live debt free and save money for what we want to do instead of "have fun now, pay later". Once that light clicked on for me, there was no question on the goals we want to accomplish.

For the teachers at daycare who tell us almost daily that we have the most loving little boy they've ever known, and who care for him the same way I would.

For God answering my prayers, even when I don't want to know the answer.


  1. Aren't toddler hugs the best things ever?

    Stopping by from Working Mommy Wednesday, have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I feel the same way, sometimes I wonder what I did to deserve all of the great things that have come my way. I guess someone up there likes us huh??
    Have a great Turkey Day!!

  3. i loved this post, Ali!! so many things to be thankful for. and yes, blog readers like you!!!
    have a great thanksgiving.

    (would love to get into the dave ramsey thing, what are you reading? any tips/info??)