Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Husband Hallelujah!

I am attending a work workshop this week (and will soon have a funny story from that to post) that leaves me with little time for blogging. Especially since the kid has been a-w-e-s-o-m-e this week and I cannot seem to tear myself away from him or wonderful husband without feeling lost, guilty, and devoid of human connection (sorry, internet friends, but you cannot replicate the joy my family gives me)!

So on that note, a short post on why everyone reading this, especially those of you with a spouse and child(ren), should be completely jealous of my home situation.

My husband makes baby food.

Now, I know someone whose husband does not change diapers. Someone else whose husband engaged in inappropriate activities while she was carrying his child. And several people who have husbands that take their mothers' sides in the dreaded "wife versus in-law" arguments. (Luckily, with my awesome parents and in-laws, I am blessed not to have those.) My husband has had his moments of cluelessly holding down the recliner and remote as I put the babe to bed and return downstairs to clean the kitchen and prepare bottles for the next day, all the while proclaiming, "why don't you sit down and RELAX a little?" But those days are long gone!

I went to a work outing last night, and got a text around 7:40 after guiltily leaving father and screaming child and hour and a half earlier. It said:

Baby is in bed after eating all of his fresh pears.

.::Swoon::. I had sliced and baked 3 pears the night before (three pears that hubby had peeled after pureeing the peas we steamed) and then run out of enough energy to puree and freeze them. So what did hubby do? After calming lovely child down a few minutes after mommy left, he sat him in the high chair with his toys and proceeded to puree the pears, filling our 1 oz trays, freezing, and feeding the leftover ounce and a half to dear child.

I am in love all over again!

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