Tuesday, March 2, 2010

When is it OK to Stop Wearing Maternity Clothes?

As I type this (with both hands), my child is sitting in my lap, facing me, supporting himself on his own and trying to rip my necklace off. This is pretty normal, in my opinion, for a six month old. Now he's trying to turn around and type with me.

My point is this: I no longer have the "new mom" excuse in my back pocket. In the beginning, it didn't bother me to wear the maternity stuff. The weight was coming off quickly, and I pretty much spent 90% of the first six weeks at home alone with my little guy, so I really didn't care to wear anything other than yoga pants and comfy tees. I knew I'd be back in my old clothes quickly.

Flash forward a bit: I've lost all of my pregnancy weight plus a few pounds, and somehow only a select few of my clothes fit. I still have a least three maternity tops in my regular rotation of working-girl outfits, and I still change into the yoga pants every night by 6PM. (I do not know what I will do when these pants finally wear out. I've had them for at least 5 years, and I cannot imagine the life adjustment it will take when I have to buy new ones, because they will never be as comfortable as this pair. I just know it.)

Everyone likes to tell you the tired old cliche that your weight shifts after baby, but no one tells you how, exactly. I am having so much trouble figuring out where this seven pounds that I've lost since a year ago is hiding! My boobs are bigger due to breastfeeding, my hips are just as wide as they always were. My ass is humongous and I have a joey pouch on my frontside, and I have been growing my hair out rather than get the ever-so-popular "mom haircut". Where is this weight disappearing from, exactly?!

So, to summarize, I now weigh 7 pounds less that I did before I got pregnant, yet all of my clothes are too tight. So I wear maternity clothes. Sad.


  1. i cried when i finally put my maternity pants away. goodbye my dear friends :(

  2. I can't bring myself to part with my comfy yoga pants and maternity gap pocket Ts. It's ri-DONK-ulous. Really.

  3. oh my, the changes in the hips! even when i thought i was "normal" again, my old pants didn't want to get over my curvy new hips.

    the maternity clothes are all now packed away, though. and i'm happy, because while they were oh so comfy, stylish they were not.

  4. I'm not ashamed to say I still rock the maternity skinny jeans. They have become one of my favorite pairs of pants. the elastic is still a little tight so I have no fear of a little rear end flashing.

    If you are comfy in it and it looks good, why not wear it?