Thursday, March 4, 2010

Reasons You Should All Hate Me!

Hate is a strong word...really, these are just things to be jealous of in my life. See, mama had a bad day yesterday. A real bad day. One of those where nothing seemed to go my way, I was tired all day, my baby wasn't happy, and I was on the verge of tears at any given moment. I went to bed mildly unhappy, woke up mildly happy, saw my son smiling and relaxed first thing in the morning, and erupted into a day of positivity. So, here's what's going right:

*I have a job. It may not be a job that lots of other people aspire to, but I have great hours, weekends off, opportunity to move forward, and I commute 7 miles (including taking my son to daycare). AND I HAVE A JOB!

*My marriage is stable and thriving, and my husband adores me and finds me sexy (even the lumpy, saggy, scarred parts of me). He washes the bottles and my pump parts every night, loves to cook and is responsible for dinner at least 3 nights a week and breakfast on Saturday mornings. He is very hands on with Jacob and loves him to pieces. They have a strong daddy-son bond already, which is amazing to watch. And he vacuumed most of our house last night while I was having a "don't mess with me mental breakdown".

*I still have not spent a $100 gift certificate to my favorite store that I got at Christmas. I'm trying to lose a few more pounds (like 10) before I buy more jeans, work pants, and maybe a cute new top or two so I can retire these ridiculous maternity tops!

*There is a group of women I have become "online friends" with that are incredibly supportive, witty, and just as brazenly figuring out this mom thing at the same time I am. It really, really, really is so much easier when you know you aren't the only one going through these things.

*Two of my favorite people in the world have had babies within six months of Jacob's birth and he will grow up with them, as well as our adorable 2 1/2 year old niece.

*Speaking of family, we have an incredible one. They are all (and by all I mean in-laws, too) close by, beg to babysit, spoil Jacob to pieces, and actually remember to love his parents now and then, too. I trust every one of them with Jacob's life. (It's also really, really, really much easier when you have supportive family close by.)

*According to People magazine, my hair color is the most popular one that celebs are requesting right now. That's right, peeps, I am hot stuff! I can easily let go of the fact that my hair is no longer blonde as it was growing up. It's kind of a light-brown-honey-caramel-golden-auburn color.

*Speaking of hair, today I splurged and bought myself a new headband. It's very exciting: it's kind of honey-caramel-golden-auburn colored, and it's 3 thin braided leather straps. Very trend-forward, if I must say so myself. Hopefully, it will make people look at my face and forget to let their eyes travel lower to the not-so-hot parts!

*I have successfully breastfed (with some supplementation) for over 6 months, which used to be my long-term goal before I realized just how much I enjoyed it. I still have not had to buy formula because of the six sample cans I received before his birth. I have to supplement so infrequently that a small can usually expires before I can use it up. In addition to the million other reasons for breastfeeding, DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH MONEY THIS HAS SAVED ME?

I could go on like this for hours, so overall, I'd consider myself pretty lucky right now. And hopefully not having any more days like yesterday, since there's really no reason for me to pity myself.


  1. I should make a list like this too! I am jealous of you though :)
    You forgot to say that your son is beautiful!

  2. I so "hate" you! In a very loving kind of way ;)

  3. I hate you for the first one. I would kill for the job you described. I'm starting to regret quitting my full time job. This working with the general public thing really sucks.

  4. fabulous attitude, dear.
    and i do hate you. you know, in the nicest way possible. :)

  5. OMG! I forgot the most important thing to be jealous of, which is that I have a wonderful, smiley, hilarious little baby boy who has been sleeping 9+ hours at night for the last 2 weeks! What a terrible mom!

  6. Ditto that Jacob is A-freaking-dorable! You are a very lucky mama! It is great that you are focusing on all of the wonderful things about your life!