Monday, June 28, 2010

Damn you, Kelley!

So, ladies...

Kelley from Kelley's Break Room has nominated me for an award, the Sunshine Award. Here it is:

This has thrown a kink in my hyper-scheduled week. Since I'm going out of town later this week and probably will take a blog-hiatus unless anyone I know wants to shoot me a quick guest-blog, and today I'm having lunch with a friend (I seriously just almost wrote friend with a lunch...that would be a little yikes) I am now forced not only to try to bang this acceptance speech/nomination post in the next 10 minutes one-handed while trying to lean against my desk with one pump-receptable squishing my boob, but I also realized that I have never read Kelley's blog.

Big mistake: or maybe not. See, I'm kind of at the limit of how much of my free time can really be spent reading blogs, but hers is a crack up. Seriously, I was sitting in my office literally LOLing (I type it all the time, but rarely am I actually laughing aloud, sitting alone in front of a computer screen). For proof, check out this post about everyone's favorite topic, public restrooms: http:// .

And now you know. So what's this award about? Apparently, I keep it light and loose around here, with only the occasional Libertarian rant popping in. That's my goal, is to make people LOL (like, for realz) so I'm glad that it's working! I don't know if I have time to pick 12 because the one-handed linking process is not going to smoothly for me, but here are people whose blogs make me laugh. Sometimes only on the inside, sometimes out loud, and sometimes I just smile and nod because what they say is SO TRUE. Hope you enjoy!

http:// If any of you "know" Helms on the Bump, then you know she's hilarious, polarizing, controversial fun. Love her or hate her, she doesn't care, so you might as well laugh along with her.

http:// This girl is like my blogging sister. We don't know each other in real life, but I'd say her online thoughts are the most like mine. She's funny, she likes to talk about boobs, and she nails sarcasm to the wall like it's her bitch. Elizabeth is a different kind of blogging sunshine. She is strong in her walk with the Lord, and I appreciate reading her poignant, very well-written and thought out posts. Plus her son is just adorable to look at, especially when he's wearing his "lock up your daughters" onesie. Tiffany has the most popular, well-known blog on my list. If you like your giveaways with a dash of saltiness, she's your girl. An experienced mom who can give experienced mom advice yet also has a Post Label for "Shit my kid says". Priceless. And finally, the best for last, my dear friend Amanda. Reading her blog will change your mind about what it means to be a single, teenage mom. Now, as an old almost 31-year old geezer myself, sometimes I have to sift through the Text-speak... (Um, I don't Twitter and my phone is a simple pay as you go plan *gasp*.) but it is well worth it to see into this strong woman's soul and see that just like the rest of us, she is simply trying to do the best thing for her family.

So, I hope you enjoy those ladies, and I hope they find this award, because I do not have time this week to let them know about the nomination. Oopppssss.....


  1. i <3 you!! "she nails sarcasm to the wall like it's her bitch" is possibly the best compliment ever!

  2. aw, thank you!! i have been slacking on my blog lately. i need to get it back up to speed, so hopefully this will motivate me!

  3. Hahahahaha!!! I LOVE the title of your post! I know. It's a bit scary that someone gives you an award and you don't even "know" her. OooooooOOooooOOOOO (that's a ghost, actually that's me...I am a ghost..that can type)... You made me laugh out loud about the breast receptacle situation while trying to type. Ha! Also, thanks for the link to my silly blog. :)

  4. For some reason, when I clicked the clink above, it didn't go to the right page. I thought I'd post it again down here...

  5. Thank you so much for the award. To even hear someone call my blog popular seems a bit surreal. I LOVE getting awards. Like serious, open mouth kiss LOVE, but my blog is like the black whole for awards, so if I don't post, don't question my girl crush love and affection for you. But I will do my best. xoxo

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