Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How Should I Spend My Lunch Break?

Because my second guest blog post is up! YAY!

I was really excited to guest blog for Anne at AJD+3! Her blog is great...if you need motivation, see her! She put herself through undergrad and law school as a single parent, found a wonderful, wonderful husband who brings her treats "just because he thought she would want some chocolate today", and she recently completed a 5K!

So, here it is, my guest blog while she's busy settling in to a new place:


Since I wrote this last week for her to use when the unpacking became a little too time-consuming, instead of blogging, I have my choice of what to do on my lunch hour: take my car over to the auto shop half a mile away and have an inspection and oil change, or go get a pedicure?

Hmm....the tough choices we have to make in life!


  1. I vote pedicure too! I am in desperate need of one but just cant seem to find the time for one!

  2. I went with the pedi. When I get pulled over b/c my registration is expired, I'm calling you two!