Thursday, September 16, 2010

Frugal, Fickle, or Felon?

You know those chicks in movies, magazines, and Hollywood who have a "signature smell"? Like, "I've been wearing Chanel No. 5 since 1986"? Not me. I like change, I like new, I like to be different and unique. So I wear different perfumes frequently.

And I have high standards for perfume. Nothing floral, it just smells like old lady on my skin. I go for the citrusy and clean scents in the summer and something a little more heady and sensual in cooler weather. I like the idea of smelling exotic or sexy. But, perfume changes over time and 4 hours later (or even 10 minutes later) smells completely different than when you first spritzed it on. Because of this, I always have to sample before I buy.

This used to entail going into Sephora and spritzing myself, then doing the rest of my mall shopping before deciding what I wanted to buy. (I buy perfume like once a year, don't get all excited thinking this is my Carrie Bradshaw shoe equivalent and I have a vanity covered in fancy perfumes bottles. I don't even have a vanity. I have a bookshelf leftover from college that just happens to fit in the space between my bathroom counter and the wall; that's where my girl crap gets stored.) But this didn't work well, because I usually couldn't commit after just one day. Perfume is, after all, a long term commitment, and that would be like moving with a guy you just met at a concert the night before.

So one time I asked if they had a sample, and lo and behold, the Sephora lady pulls out the drawer underneath the display and ::hallelujah:: there are thousands of tiny spritz bottles in there just waiting for her to fill with any of the hundreds of perfumes they carry. The first time, I didn't feel guilty.

But yesterday, after quietly asking "do you guys have samples?" for oh, I don't know, about the sixth time in three years, and then getting two to go, I did feel a little twinge of guilt, like I was ripping them off. (You can, too, all you have to do is ask nicely.) So, I'm considering buying Lavanila Vanilla Coconut if I get any money gifts at Christmas. It's quite lovely, actually, warm and sensual and I feel special when I wear it. That's what a good perfume should do. I highly recommend their smells a little sweet out of the bottle, but give it a little while to settle in and it's not quite so cotton candy. It blooms very nicely. They also have a baby line...I'm thinking of trying it.

So, it's not stealing if they offer it, right? And to my credit, I always buy my perfume from there when I do decide to take the plunge. Hope this is a useful tip for any of you who have perfume-commitment issues like myself!


  1. I have the Vanilla Coconut lotion and I love it. I actually wear it sometimes with a new body spray I got from Victoria's Secret. I think it's called Coconut Passion. They compliment each other nicely.
    I'm the same way when I look for a new fragrance. I used to work in a mall, so each day I'd try a new scent and see how it changed thru the day. My mother in law also always gives me the Sephora perfume gift set each Christmas. It's a set with 10-12 samples that you can trade in for a full sized bottle of the one you like best. Last year I used it to get Very Hollywood by Michael Kors. I'm kinda over it though...a little to floral for my liking. Right now I'm liking the new SJP and Hello Bombshell-VS's new fragrance!
    I <3 Sephora. I love beauty samples and I could spend hours in that store! Are you a Beauty Insider?

  2. I like that scent too, actually. The samples are a great way to try things. I also usually buy online (when I can hit the free shipping mark) bc you can get samples with every order and I found that it was not the same in the store.

  3. No, it's not stealing! It's better than what I do which is stuff whole bottles right into my purse and run off. No, I don't do that...usually. Okay, I never do, but I am totally going to ask for samples! I never knew you could do that! I want to try the one you are talking about, too. Mmmm.... Sounds good! (BTW, I've missed seeing you on my blog. :) But, TRUST ME, I know how hard it is to keep up with blogs. It's good to "see" you on yours, though! I like the new look...).

  4. Thanks...I think I am falling in love with the Lavanila line in general.

    And I love Sephora...I am definitley a "beauty insider" and buy any of my fancy cosmetics there.

    I miss you, too Kelley. I always am busy and miss the Captcha Balderdash posts, but whenever I get a really good one I think of you! I think I got something like "dootwiddle" last week and could not stop laughing!