Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I Have Foot-in-Mouth Disease

Although prompt number 1 on Working Mom Wednesday is the popular one today, and I have enjoyed reasing everyone's "you know you're a working mom when..." lists immensely, I could write a BOOK about prompt # 2:

2. A time you said something inappropriate (a bad joke, a snarky remark, a comment to your boss, etc.)

Well, y'all, I just have to admit...I am FULL of these stories, but I guess I will let you in on a work-related incident not too recently to still be embarrassed about.

We had some marketing changes that had to be updated by a certain date, and were promised an email with some "schematics" that we could follow to ensure it was put up properly. 10AM that day came and went, and nowhere had we heard anything at all.

Finally, around 4PM on a Friday, we got an email from my boss' assistant with the instructions and an URGENT! message saying it had to be done that day. Now, in my defense, my boss' assistant is the person who interviewed and made a hiring decision on me three years ago, and we've always been close. She uses me to vent (and laugh) and I have used her for the same in the past.

However, the email I fired back without even having time to think was something like "well, nice that we FINALLY have it and have an hour to put it up". Okay, it was almost exactly those words. I think it was about 30 seconds after I hit send that I followed it with this response:

"I'm so sorry, that was not directed at you, and it was entirely inappropriate." And some other things, but the gist was that I didn't want her to think I thought she was falling down on her job...that girl is crazy good at what she does, and the last thing I need is to offend my bosses boss' assistant.

Whew...I think that as I am travelling through motherhood these foot-in-mouth instances are shrinking. Let's hope!

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  1. Thanks for being vulnerable and sharing. Too funny! Email is the easiest place for me to say something I regret -- but we all do it. Happy WMW!

  2. Oh, I think you have just written about something we have all done! Hit SEND before we should have! Thanks for the story. I hope you mended it up OK with your coworker.

  3. Haha yup, those quick email responses will get ya every time :) There are many times I've write up what I would LIKE to say, then take a deep breath and hit delete and start over.

    I'd love to hear your other stories on this subject lol :)