Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Hardest Part of Hump Day

Thought that title might get me a few google-link views.

Just kidding...It's Working Mommy Wednesday!

And since I'm all reciped out (although I may let the hubby guest blog his INFAMOUS baked bean recipe sometime soon) I guess I am going with topic number 2, the hardest part about being a mom. Wow. When I've managed to escape what I feel the real tough tests of parenting are (sleepless nights, PPD, developmental issues, major illnesses) it feels like of asinine for me to complain about any part of parenting. After all, I signed up for it. I knew going in what to expect.

But what I could NEVER understand, despite the millions of warnings, are how fast time would fly. It's been a week since his first birthday and I have a walking, pointing, sort-of talking toddler (to brag for a moment, his pediatrician told us that his language skills are well past a typical 12-month old's). It seems like just yet=sterday that we had a snow day in February where we all sat around in our pajamas until 3PM and the baby took a 1 1/2 hour nap on my shoulder.

The most difficult thing about this time-flying-phenomenon is how as soon as I get used to the "normal" of one stage, it seems we are on to the next, and our whole parenting philosophy, routine, and feeding style changes all at once. Like, when I was home on maternity leave and I wished for just one nap a day where I could put the baby in his crip instead of holding him. When I finally got to the point where I relished soaking up all his loving cuddles, he decided that he would rather put himself to sleep alone in his crib after all. All those months I spent wishing for a self-soother, and just like that I had one, with no more mid-morning naps in my bed. And now I would give anything to hold my two month old for a day and smell his sweet smell and just do nothing but love on him.

For now, I have learned my lesson. Despite the difficulties, I will enjoy each stage we're in at the time, because I now know that as soon as I get used to the independent distance and tantrums, he will flip the switch and be climbing into my lap and saying "I love you mama," and it will be even sweeter


  1. Those changes in stages always throw me off my game and majorly too. Like when I transitioned from breast feeding to a bottle, I freaked. When it was time to start introducing cereal and then solids, I lost it. But every time I've just gone with my gut, done a little research, and we've managed to get through it and start new routines. It's tough stuff for sure!

  2. You are reminding me of a book that I LOVE that makes me cry every time. It is called "Let me hold you longer" and instead of being about "firsts" it is about "lasts"- the last time in the crib, the last nap on the shoulder... Ahhh!! Dagger in my heart! Thanks for this sweet post. I am going to hung my 2 y/o little guy a little tighter today.

  3. well said!!! this age they are changing ALL the time!! it's crazy! my boy is 19 months and sometimes i wish he was a newborn. yes, friend, cherish every moment!!

  4. I feel you on the time moving so fast thing. I spent the first three months wishing my son would grow up and not need me every waking second of the day. Now I wish he would just cuddle in my arms for a few more seconds instead of squirming out my hold to get his toy.