Thursday, September 23, 2010

It's Almost Friday!

Well, this week is full of new things...first my GIVEAWAY (go enter, hint hint) and now my first Blog Hop with Family Friendly Frugality's Almost Friday Blog Hop. That's a lot of capital letters.

In any case: it's ALMOST FRIDAY. And while I usually look forward to Fridays for so many reasons, the least of which being time to relax with my family, this weekend the excitement is ramped up even more. I am heading for the hills tomorrow, literally, around 3PM.

Let me tell y'all, I may be Southern but I am not a redneck. However, my weekend begins tomorrow with an overnight stop at the Mayberry Festival in Mount Airy, NC, visiting my mother-in-law as she helps her boyfriend regain his title of State Champion Pig Cooker. I am not even kidding...

Then we will continue on to Boone so that I can try out my new Ergo on Grandfather Mountain, exploring the mile-high swinging bridge and wild bear conservatory. Jeans, tennis shoes, and highs in the 70's are where I am AT this weekend! We even decided to splurge and get a suite hotel, mostly because my toddler is such a good sleeper that he needs his own room, and Mama and Daddy didn't want to be turning in for the night at 9PM. This is vacation, right?

So, while I wish I had more for you today, I am trying to wrap things up at work and skipping my usual lengthy lunch break in order to skip out early tomorrow.

I hope everyone will check out my giveaway...Katie will make you guys very happy with some new stylish bling.

See ya soon! Hopefully I will have a new Free Movie Friday code to share tomorrow.


  1. LOL, it sure is a lot of capitols. I'm not sure I ever realized how annoying that shift button was until I started blogging LOL
    thanks so much for stopping by It's Almost Friday!

  2. Following from It's Almost Friday Hop


  3. I hope we will...hubs thinks it's going to rain all weekend, but we'll have fun being the 3 of us regardless!

  4. following you back.. thank you for passing by .. nd i hope you meet your friend one day

  5. is a blessing in that we can develop relationships with people fairly quickly even without face to face time!

  6. Hi there! What a cute blog! Glad we stopped by, we are your newest followers! Come visit us at! We also would like to invite you to our blog/twitter & facebook hop on Saturday! Hope to see you =}

  7. State Champion Pig Cooker, huh?? I like that! Ha! I also totally hear you about getting your little dude his own room. Hotels are always hard when traveling when stinkers that need naps. Getting him his own room is definitely the way to go! Have fun!