Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Working Mom Wednesday: My Morning Commute

This is fast becoming my favorite weekday routine (Working Mommy Wednesday, not the morning commute). I have all but ceased scheduling lunch out on Wednesday because I know I will have something blog about so I just eat a sandwich from home and blog surf. Is it sad that this is one of the highlights of my week? In fact, Wednesday is about to become a favorite day when Modern Family and Cougartown return to the fall line-up.

So today's topic: What do you do on your commute to work - listen to the radio, enjoy peace and quiet, etc.

My morning commute say the least. My entire commute, including dropping Jacob off at daycare, used to be 7 miles and take roughly 20 minutes each way. Until I got a promotion and started working in the :big city: as opposed to the :Big Country: where I live, as Mema used to call it. Now, I carpool Monday-Wednesday and sometimes more with my husband, which means my one-way commute is now an hour long and over 30 miles. To some people, that's not that much, but to me it is sooooo looong. Some days I love it, some days it's torture, and some days it's just right.

Before I accepted this position but knew a change was imminent, I was actually looking forward to the commute. I felt like I had no time to myself at home, spent some of my lunch breaks visiting my baby, or grocery shopping, and had few lunch choices in the suburban town I live in. I thought it would be nice to listen to more of my favorite morning show (G105 Showgram Shout-Out...Woooo) or talk to my friend in Texas (Jenny McCarthy shout hate me for that, I know). I also knew I could get Indian food at the buffet around the corner and finally meet my favorite bloggy buddy BA for lunch. And for a while, this has served me well.

But today I am tired. Tired of the grind. Tired of not getting home until 6:30PM every night and only having a homecooked meal if I spent an hour preparing it the night before after JTD was in bed. Seriously...last night DH and I did not even sit down (except to eat) until well after 10PM. I made a lasagna that we can just bake for 15 minutes tonight, he steam cleaned the carpet, we moved furniture, cut up fruit, made bottles, did laundry, etc. I could literally fall asleep at my desk right now.

In fact, I actually DID fall asleep on this morning's commute. (While my hubby was driving.) I'm sure that was a lovely sight to my fellow I-40 traveller's. I'm considering making it part of my daily commute.

On the way home, however, especially on the non-carpool days, I LOVE commuting. I put on a good CD, one that I can belt at the top of my lungs to, and before I know it I'm at daycare ready to pick the little man up. I love Thursdays. So tomorrow if you see me shouting along to some Foo Fighters, you know I'm loving the drive.


  1. I agree. Once Modern Family and Couger Town start Wednesdays are going rock!!

  2. it stinks that the drive is longer. my hubby used to have a 45-60 min commute and hated it. but it's cool that you can drive with your hubby some days. makes for good alone time, no??

    thanks for linking up again. and you have NO idea how you made me smile when you said this was your favorite part of the week!!!!!!! :)

  3. Oh, I feel your pain and also loved this post. The grind can get the best of us -- and I had to laugh when I read about fixin dinner the night before. Been there. Done that. Keep singing on that commute home. Happy WMW -- it's also becoming my favorite routine of the week!

  4. ha! I've recently considered making a good dinner the night before while eating something less than satisfactory just to meet hungers need!

  5. Susan and Rachel: as stressful as it is at the time, if we can do it 2 nights a week, there is enough leftovers to carry us the rest of the way so that we just get home and reheat. We're adjusting to eating the same thing for days on end, but it beats feeding Jacob processed food and then waiting until he's in bed to cook ours.