Monday, September 13, 2010

Mom Friendly Meals Monday

All right, I'll bite. Literally. I love a good recipe, and lately I have felt like my head is not screwed on straight. I'm sure you can tell by my "tone" I seem stressed out? Overwhelmed? Pushed to my limit? I'm trying to calm myself down, realize that life ebbs and flows, and this is a phase I will soon conquer just as we conquered low milk supply and sleeping through the night.

My cute friend Mama Insomnia is someone who I know without a doubt I would make fast friends with if she didn't live somewhere in the middle of the country instead of being an East-Coaster like myself. And she is starting up a Monday service to the poor, crazy, stretched to the limit working moms like myself where we share an easy, fast, stress-free recipe on Mondays. Because honestly, who wants to go home and cook on a Monday?

Since I wasn't prepared today, I will rattle off my go-to recipe for busy weeknights and those chain email "recipe exchanges". (This used to be what hubs and I made when we wanted to spend dinner on the couch. It fits in one bowl, and a beer fits nicely in hand number two while you are on your way out of the kitchen.)

What shall we call it? Chicken and Apple sausage. Shopping list: a package of chicken and apple sausage (found somewhere in between the breakfast meats and hot dogs), a vidalia or other sweet onion, and an apple. Granny Smith or gala work fine for us.

Cut everything into discs (sausage) or strips (onions and apples). Saute the onions in a little butter or canola oil. And when I say saute, I mean caramelize, which basically consists of putting the heat on about 6-7 to start, and only stirring when the onions have sat enough to start browning. In this dish, you want those nice "burned" bits. Eventually, you will add the sausage and continue to cook (the sausage is usually pre-cooked and needs to be heated). Towards the end of the caramelization, you'll throw the apples in and cook just until they get soft. Spoon a generous portion into a nice bowl, add a fork, and voila.

Feel free to spend the in-between stir times like I do: feeding the dog, and chasing the baby around the house while he drags every single toy he has from the living room to the kitchen.

Enjoy! And please link your recipes to IMO:FWIW blog!


  1. Love the recipe and love you! If I ever move to the east coast, I'm looking you up and we are going to paint the town red. I'm not really a sausage fan, but you recipe sounds delish! Thanks for the shout out lady!! Hope your feeling less stressed soon!

  2. This isn't really a sausage! It's sweet, and more like a Polish Sausage texture, if you will.

  3. That sounds really good!

    I wanted to say thanks those are some great recommendations on my blog. We had bought some hard sole shoes at a consignment sale, so I was just using those. Soft soles are way better for starting out! And I like your idea of getting her familiar with her shoes because they are so new and "different". H is still crawling every where - at lightning speed I might add! And can walk along the furniture, but hasn't really made any attempts at taking her first solo steps. So I guess I have jumped the gun a little bit on this one. I appreciate your help! :)

  4. I'm glad to help, D! It's no parenting skill...just our own laziness at not putting his shoes away, so he likes to "bring" them to us now and take them away again.

  5. Mmmmmmmm...that sounds good!! Your family is so fortunate to have you! I like to cook but have fallen down on the job lately (wearing a, I'm not). Thanks for inspiring me!